View Some of our Completed Projects & Become Inspired

Welcome to GREEN MAGIC LANDSCAPING's Gallery, where the artistry of our outdoor creations comes to life in vibrant visuals. Immerse yourself in a showcase of our diverse projects, from the simplicity of a meandering stream to the grandeur of cascading water features and serene ponds. Our team excels in planning, designing, and building water elements that not only enhance the visual drama of your outdoor space but also contribute to the sustainable beauty of your surroundings. Each project reflects our commitment to precision and creativity, capturing the essence of nature's beauty and seamlessly blending it with expert craftsmanship.

Discover the magic behind our water features, meticulously designed to not only captivate the eye but also minimize environmental impact. GREEN MAGIC's water elements boast a maintenance cost comparable to a hot tub while using less water than an equivalent patch of grass. It's not just about creating a beautiful outdoor space; it's about doing so in an eco-conscious and sustainable manner. A GREEN MAGIC water feature isn't just an addition; it's an investment that enhances the value of your property beyond the initial outlay, offering a unique blend of aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

In our lighting schemes, we exclusively incorporate FOCUS INDUSTRIES products, ensuring that every aspect of your outdoor space is illuminated with precision and style. At GREEN MAGIC LANDSCAPING, our dedication to excellence extends to every detail, from the choice of hardscaping materials to the execution of the project. You'll find our Owners and Management actively engaged, working alongside our experienced and trained builders on every project. This hands-on approach is a testament to our commitment to delivering landscapes that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Join us on a visual journey through our Gallery, where each image tells a story of passion, creativity, and the transformative power of GREEN MAGIC.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of AZ: