Landscape Design

Landscape Design, Sedona, AZ A beautifully designed landscape greatly enhances the aesthetics and functionality of any residential or commercial property. With proper planning and execution, your outdoor environment can not only look stunning but also provide security, privacy, recreational areas, increased property value, and an oasis of comfort.

Green Magic Landscaping LLC brings decades of horticulture and design expertise to landscape projects in Sedona, AZ, and surrounding areas. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and bring your vision to life. Our services include concept plans, breathing new life into tired spaces, and designing spaces like patios, pools, and gardens.

We combine form and function, considering elements like regional climate, yard usage, maintenance needs, and architectural style. With a keen eye for colors, textures, shapes, and scale, we thoughtfully select the perfect mix of plants, trees, lighting, walkways, fences, and water features. Our custom designs can meet any budget.

Residential Landscape Design

We bring new life and beauty to residential outdoor spaces throughout Sedona, AZ. Our services include landscape design consultations to conceptualize your ideal garden sanctuary. We then make it a reality through services like lighting installation, tree and shrub planting, flowerbed creation, and lawn installations.

We also handle irrigation system design, pathways and patio construction, fences and screens, water features, and drainage solutions. We also provide seasonal clean ups, pruning, and other maintenance. With an eye for aesthetics and expertise in horticulture, we create stunning, functional spaces for you to enjoy.

Commercial Landscape Design

Green Magic Landscaping brings expert planning and execution to commercial landscaping projects throughout Sedona, AZ. We understand that commercial spaces require durable, low-maintenance environments that foster productivity and purpose. With decades of experience designing dynamic landscapes for offices, retail centers, hotels, apartment complexes, and more, we balance aesthetics with practicality. Our services span gardens, courtyards, patios, pathways, parking areas, lighting, and water features. We select hardy plants, trees, and efficient irrigation for high-traffic spaces. A professionally designed landscape promotes your brand, increases property value, and provides an inviting space.

Landscape Design for New and Upgrade Projects

We design stunning new outdoor environments as well as provide plans to revitalize tired existing spaces. If you have a blank slate yard, we will work with you to conceptualize and execute a beautifully designed landscape tailored to your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. For existing landscapes that need a refresh, our team can breathe new life into plantings, hardscapes, lighting, and features through judicious renovations.

We balance reimagined design elements with practical considerations like established irrigation systems. With an eye for unifying form and function, we can rework lackluster yards into your ideal landscape vision. Regardless of new or renovation landscape design, our team meets client expectations. Our designers also oversee the installations to ensure that the construction takes place in line with the plans and designs you approved.

You can also send us your queries about our landscape design services through this online form and we will contact you soon to understand your project requirements. We are a licensed and bonded landscaping contractor and handle all types of commercial and residential landscape design projects.

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