Irrigation, Sedona, AZ

Decorative components such as fire pits, water fountains, and softscaping are used in landscapes. Aside from that, landscapes also need the right irrigation system.

No matter how big or compact your landscape is, the plants, trees, lawns, and flowerbeds will need regular watering. Therefore, you need to make sure your property's yard areas have a well-planned irrigation system along with all the other essential elements and installations.

For several years, Green Magic Landscaping LLC has steadily worked in the landscaping industry. Our specialists have worked on both residential and commercial properties in and around Sedona. When it comes to landscape design and installation, irrigation systems are a common component. However, we have also handled irrigation system improvements and upgrades for several of our clients. We also help with the maintenance and repair of these features as required.

The health of your plants and grass, and the integrity of any masonry features, might be jeopardized if you do not plan the installation of your automatic sprinklers or soaker hoses well. Its best to hire professional landscapers like us for high-quality irrigation systems installations.

Landscape Irrigation System Types

Your irrigation system will contain components based on the sorts of plants and shrubs you have on your commercial or residential landscape.

  • Automated Sprinkler Systems - Sprinkler systems that operate without human intervention are convenient, and they enhance your landscape's water efficiency. Our specialists design and install these systems to ensure that the lawns and plants are watered on schedule.

  • Drip Irrigation Systems - We install drip irrigation systems to ensure that your flowerbeds and shrubs get the appropriate quantity of water. This system is comprised of pipes and water emitters strategically positioned near the roots of trees and bushes. There is minimal water wastage because it drips into the soil near the roots. Drip irrigation systems help you save money on water because of this.

  • Soaker Hoses - To properly water large areas, soaker hoses must be placed across the property. We incorporate sprinkler systems, such as drip irrigation and automated sprinklers in the right combination to ensure that your plants, trees, and lawns get the watering they need.

Automatic Sprinkler Installations

When you are getting any irrigation systems installed, you need high-quality products and excellent installation. In addition to irrigation systems, we also install rain sensors to improve your yard’s water efficiency. Our designers plan every aspect of these installations perfectly, and our customized approach helps ensure the best solutions.

We also keep scalability in view in the design phase to add or make changes without too much trouble in the future. If you want to know more about our services or need a quote for landscape irrigation installation, call Green Magic Landscaping LLC at this number 928-202-2036 and discuss your requirements without our team.

You can also send us your queries via this online form and one of our experts will call you soon to understand your project requirements. We are a renowned landscaping contractor and licensed and bonded for types of residential and commercial projects.

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